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Marie Pavlick

I'd ask the company's employees (in this case the sales force) how often and through what means they want to and should receive information about the recognition event. This can be accomplished through a short survey (the only kind I recommend these days) or informal or formal focus groups or phone surveys.


Dennis --A very good question. The question I would ask is what is the overall objective of this project... what objective(s) is/are the client trying to achieve.

Those objectives should trigger the messages and the communication plan.

A few questions as where I work has a major annual recognition event for employees:
(1) What is the purpose? (fun, business or both)
(2) How are people selected for recognition? (performance or peer/manager nomination)
(3)Is this a new event or an annual event? (That is are people familiar with the event)

Wendy Flanagan

When working with Exact Target and Vertical Response and CVENT tools, their teams have all recommended three to five touchpoints in email.

At our last NJ/IABC event: Strategy 101 with Laurel English and Jill Vitiello, I took the opportunity to, informally, ask that same question of guests: "Did you receive too many emails on this seminar?" The communicators were in agreement that they were apt to ignore the message the first couple of times; that if it was important enough, it would be come again...

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